• Bennett

Going Live!

Hello, the internet. My name is Bennett and I make things out of metal.

I prefer to create functional art that manages to be relevant in modern day to day life. That said, sometimes there is just something cool I have to get out of my head, functional, practical, or otherwise.

I make a variety of cool crafts, from knives to jewelry and all sorts in between. Links and info on where you can find them for purchase will be posted here as soon as they are available. However, I am always open to commissions, so if you see something you like or have your own idea you want made, send me an email and let's talk. You can find my contact info on the bottom of the main page.

Last thing for the moment, I am documenting my journey as an independent craftsman and the work I create as much as I can. You can find that content on my youtube channel As of this post, I'm working through what you might call the prologue - content recorded from the last few years as I was building up to creating my own business. Stay tuned for exciting things like my first sword, the franken-anvil, and the quality improvement a proper camera provides!

That's all for now, so to quote Calvin, "Further bulletins as events warrant!".

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